Mobile Massage Therapies by LimeGreen Therapy

LimeGreen Therapy provides a mobile massage service in the Lincolnshire/Rutland/East Midlands area providing quality Holistic Therapy Treatments to women in the comfort of your home or workplace.

Massage at Home

When receiving a massage you should be as comfortable as possible, a home visit may be exactly what you are looking for. At home you can enjoy your massage and remain in a relaxed state without the inconvenience of re-dressing and travelling.

I will bring all of the necessary equipment and supplies:

  • Purpose Built Massage Couch or Chair
  • Towels
  • Essential Oils
  • Music


Massage is not merely an indulgence you should only treat yourself to once or twice a year, but regular massage is incredibly beneficial; it encourages your muscles to relax and lengthen, improving blood flow, boosting your immune system and makes you feel good.

Massage at Work

Massage at Work needs to be made as simple as possible.  LimeGreen Therapy offers On Site Massage to businesses and organisations who are trying to maintain productivity and creativity in today’s stressful workplace.


We can bring On-Site (Seated Acupressure) Massage to where it is needed in the wokplace, sitting on a purpose designed chair the client can receive this massage fully clothed.  The massage itself can be adapted to a short 10 min massage or longer 30 min massage, depending to the client’s request. 


Main therapies

We offer tailor-made treatments for individuals.


Check out which therapy is right for you