Seated Therapeutic Massage


Seated Therapeutic Massage incorporates and adapts table massage type techniques for clients who love massage but don’t have the space for a couch. Massage is an ancient art that has been practised for hundreds of years. It has a calming and relaxing effect on the individual, and can help with physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels.


Seated Therapeutic Massage is very popular within both the Private and the Corporate Sector and can be adapted to the environment. Oils or Cream is used during the massage, although cream is the preferred medium in the Corporate Sector as it is less greasy than oil and reduces the possibility of marking clothes.


What to expect during a treatment.


At the beginning of the first treatment I will take relevant information about your current state of health and wellbeing. I will ask you to sit on the chair, then adjust the head and arm rest to suit you.


You will need to remove your shirt/top for access to your back. You do not need to remove your lower garments as they will be protected to prevent massage cream/oil getting onto them.

This massage usually takes 30 mins.